Teesside University Masterclasses - Apply Online

Applications are open for the following Masterclasses. Please find the course and start date you would like to apply for and click 'Apply'.
If you are applying for a HEENE-funded place, you will be asked to provide a signed copy of your CWD Learning Agreement. This must be uploaded at time of application or provided within 5 days. The form should be available from your organisation's learning department.
HEE NE-Funded applicants should read the HEE NE terms and conditions before applying, these can be found here.

Personal identifiable data will be captured by CWD university providers at the point of application and this data, including attendance and results, will be shared with HEE as the commissioner and students’ respective employers. The data is not shared by HEE with any third party and is held securely for no longer than seven years. The data is collected by HEE to review the efficiency and performance of the contracts and for audit purposes. Students have a right to request a copy of their data held by HEE.
For more information on your privacy rights, please refer to HEE’s Privacy Notice

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